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Japan Customs Advanced Manifest


The Rules (will be implemented in March 2014) require Shipping Lines and NVOCC to electronically submit to Customs information on maritime containers cargoes to be loaded on a vessel intended for entry into a port in Japan.
Basically this regulation provides that the ocean carrier will be responsible for the submission of the cargo declaration (Pre Advice) at least 36 hours prior to cargo laden on board a vessel destined to the Japanese´s ports, based on the information supplied by the respective shipper, as set out in the master bill of lading.

The regulation is applicable to all import cargo bound or via (in transit) any Japanese Port.

To comply with this regulation, we as Carriers will require complete and accurate shipping instructions from our customers well in advanced before the shipping instruction closing time.
Sanctions under the Customs Act will apply if the filing is not made.

NVOCC – FREIGHT FORWARDER (House Bill of Lading filing)

There are several ways to transmit their house bill of lading
  1. Transmit EDI directly to NACCS (Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System) subject install their EDI gateway in Japan.
  2. Transmit EDI via EDI Service Provider (
  3. Fill in their bill of lading record in EDI provider's web application, then the provider send it in EDI to NACCS
  4. Ask their partner (agent) in Japan to transmit EDI for them.
Further information about NACCS is available at: