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Dangerous Cargo

CSAV Group counts with a dedicated team of expert in dangerous goods, a highly secure database, on-line worldwide links with our offices and ships and a lot of experience on board as well as on shore.

All this is at your disposal to fulfill our commitment to satisfy our customer's requirements and bring the cargo safely from start to end, not only in physical terms but also on regulatory and documental grounds clearing all possible constraints to be found along the logistic chain.  We have strict rules which exceeds the minimum demanded by the law. We know that but there is a very clear purpose behind: this extra burden is not extra work but a plus on safety:

  • safety for our crews and ships, by minimizing the risks
  • safety for the cargo, securing a safe delivery at destination
  • safety for your pocket, by helping your cargo to cross borders without detentions for inspections due to lack of compliance, or if an incident occurs.

We are proud of our team work: professional sales people, dangerous goods experts, strong procedures under continuous improvement, powerful technological platform, qualified captains, last generation ships and a worldwide, multi language network, where the sun never sets.

The above added to our long history and low incident records (knocking wood three times) shows our excellence.


Do you need help? Just give us a ring


Our specialists will help you in the planning of your shipment in the safest way, considering all legal and regulatory aspects, including specific byelaws per country applicable to your cargo. We will also be able to guide you through containers, packing methods, intermodal connection and anything required by your cargo type to secure a door to door delivery without remarks.

For more information, please contact your local commercial office.