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Advanced technology equipments

Ensuring maximum quality and longer shelf life to your products.Different equipment responding to individual needs.  

Reefer containers

Self sustained reefer containers can maintain constant temperature between -29° (°C) and 29 (°C); they are available in 40’ High Cube and 20’. CSAV’s reefer containers have bottom-air delivery, ie, the air is supplied from the bottom of the container. A Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) and container check is performed to ensure high standards to our customers. It ensures that the unit is being released clean and undamaged with reefer equipment properly working for reefer cargo transportation.

Generator sets (Gensets)

Gensets are the power of the reefer containers, thereby maintaining the set temperature during rail or road transportation.   Most of the gensets are of the clip-on type, meaning that the gensets are clipped on to the upper front of the reefer container. The tank capacity ranges from 150 liters up to 455 liters performing a running time from 36 hours to 5 days approximately.   We also offer underslung gensets, which are mounted under the chassis.

Controlled Atmosphere Equipments

Our Controlled Atmosphere (CA) equipments are able to change air composition of the container atmosphere to improve the effect of refrigeration, thus:

  • Preserve product shelf life

  • Allow product to ripen longer

  • Ensure maximum product quality on delivery

  • Better taste

  • Products can be shipped to more distant destinations, enabling access to new markets.

Besides allows for a larger variety of products that can be transported.

Opening of new markets and important extension of the distribution radius

Decrease in product loss caused by deterioration

Higher prices due to enhanced quality

Extended Life of Perishable Products

EverFresh Equipments

EverFresh preserves freshness with absolute control. Produces its own gas and actively controls atmosphere with adjustable setpoint control for both oxygen and carbon dioxide. System is fully integrated into the container unit. Operates anywhere, without special tech support.

AFAM+ and eAutoFresh systems

AFAM+ and eAutoFresh systems utilize a CO2 sensor to monitor and optimize internal atmospheric composition. When the levels exceed the programmed range, the system automatically adjusts the fresh air exchange rate to remain at a desired balance, drawing pre-set levels of O2 and CO2.