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​This section enables you to find the different ways of tracking your cargo, visualizing its schedule, estimating tariffs and others. 

Tracking: CSAV offers you different channels for tracking your cargo. For tracking on line, simply enter the number of your B/L, booking or container in the Homepage in the box "Cargo Tracking".  To trace various containers or documents simultaneously, use the cargo tracking function in "on line tools". 

To receive schedules electronically in a personalized way, please enter your electronic mail address in the corresponding “E-Mail Tracking” box. If you are already registered in this service and wish to change your preferences, write your electronic mail address in the box to access the personalized configuration. 

Schedules: To see the schedules, we offer 5 alternatives adjusted to your preferences. You can enter through the geographic zone, port, ship’s name, or service, and can also configure and personalize the sending of the schedules by e-mail. 

Tariffs, E-Commerce y Vessel Deadlines are other tools available which will provide our customers with comprehensive, complete and efficient planning for their exports and imports.