Company name: Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores S.A.

Ticker: Vapores

Taxpayer ID number: 90.160.000 – 7

Legal nature: Publicly listed corporation

Securities registry number: 76

Legal address: Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile

Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores S.A. (hereinafter also “CSAV” or the “Company”) was incorporated by public instrument dated October 4, 1872, signed before Valparaíso Notary Julio César Escala. This was authorized by Supreme Decree 2,347 dated October 14, 1872. These documents were registered on page 486 number 147 and page 497 number 148, respectively, of the Valparaíso Chamber of Commerce on October 15, 1872. Subsequently, the Company was registered on page 4228 number 2260 of the Santiago Registry of Commerce in 1959.

Ownership and Control

The Company has issued 36,796,876,188 fully subscribed and paid,
single-series shares, with no par value.

As defined in Chapter XV of Law 18.045, the Luksic Group exercises control over the Company through Quiñenco S.A. and its subsidiaries, Inversiones Río Bravo S.A. and Inmobiliaria Norte Verde S.A. Currently, its ownership interest totals 61.45%.

Total Shares
% of Ownership
Inversiones Río Bravo S.A. 12,460,691,856 33.9%
Quiñenco S.A. 7,512,081,524 20.4%
Inmobiliaria Norte Verde S.A. 2,639,009,900 7.2%
Marítima de Inversiones S.A. 1,979,016,803 5.4%
Bice Inversiones C de B 1,458,311,170 4.0%
BTG Pactual Chile S.A. C de B 1,111,809,941 3.0%
Itaú Corpbanca por Cta. Inv. Extr. 780,652,665 2.1%
Nevasa S.A. C de B 729,853,173 2.0%
Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago 710,764,337 1.9%
Inversiones Beta Ltda. 530,500,000 1.4%
Santander por Cta. Inv. Ext. 511,397,334 1.4%
Banchile C de B 497,989,131 1.4%

NOTE: Information as of June 30th, 2020

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