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Golden Week cancellations summary
Golden Week cancellations summary

​Dear Customer,

This is to inform you Golden Week cancellations summary.

Following sailings were cancelled ex Far East between weeks 40 and 43:

Service​ ​Vessel ​Port Arrival Date​
ANDEX SLING 1 ​CSAV Tyndall V.441 ​Keelung ​06-Oct
​ASAX SLING 1 ​CC Don Carlos V. 1444 ​Busan ​23-Oct
​ASAX SLING 2 ​CMA CGM Tosca ​Shanghai ​09-Oct
​ASAX SLING 4 ​DS Dominion V. 442 Shanghai ​14-Oct
​ASAX SLING 5 ​Cosco Germany V.51 ​Shanghai ​10-Oct
​JOINT CARIBBEAN ​Void position V.1101 ​Busan ​05-Oct
​NEW GALEX SLING 1 ​OOCL Tokyo V.55 ​Shanghai ​07-Oct
​NEW GALEX SLING 2 ​APL Columbus V.6 ​Ningbo ​4-Oct

For updated schedules and further information, please contact your local agent or visit our webpage.


CSAV Group