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CSAV is focused in delivering world class electronic services. We can provide solutions via multiple channels and multiple platforms. Integration between our Customer and us ensures improved exchange of information, status and visibility as well as the quality of the services regardless of the size and volume. Customer satisfaction. Integration. Cost reduction. Timely information.

Expertise & Commitment

We are also committed in delivering World Class services electronically. Our team of experts is able to establish connectivity and integration within a week for known and existing products and set up integration and solutions with our customers in less than a month.


The products we have selected and available in our eCommerce Tool are of wide use in the shipping industry.


Booking Request will allow direct communication with CSAV in the first instance that will give origin to your cargo transportation.​

eShipping Instruction​

Shipping Instructions allow customers or designated customs agents sending arrays of B/Ls to the corresponding BackOffice agent who shall issue the respective shipping instructions.

eBill of Lading - BL Print​

The BL Printing Module is one of the features that give our customers access to view and print their documents. 



Our Partners (Value Added Network VAN) are industry leader in this field.


We have partnered with INTTRA since 2006. INTTRA is one of the world’s largest multi-carrier networks for the ocean shipping industry. Inttra's solutions enables customers to efficiently and easily plan, book, manage, settle and analyze ocean freight shipments with the 40 leading carriers and NVOCCs.

Visit our partner Inttra at​

GT Nexus ​

GT Nexus provides the cloud-based collaboration platform that leaders in nearly every sector rely on to automate hundreds of supply chain processes on a global scale, across entire trade communities.

Visit our partner Inttra at


Standards for EDI

Products ​UN-Edifact ​ANSI-X12 ​Direction ​Description
Booking Request​ IFTMBC​ 300​ From Customer to Carrier​
Booking Confirmation​ ​IFTMBC 301 ​ From Carrier to Customer ​​
Shipping Instructions​ IFTMIN 304 ​ From Customer to Carrier​​
Bill of Lading Data​ IFTMCS 310 ​ From Carrier to Customer  ​​
Vessel Schedules​ IFTSAI 323 ​ From Carrier to Customer  ​​
Equipment Events  ​ IFTSTA ​ 315​ From Carrier to Customer ​

Available Events:

  • Empty Gate Out Export
  • Full Gate in at Terminal
  • Loaded on Board
  • Discharged from Vessel
  • Estimated Arrival
  • Estimated Departure
  • Vessel Departed
  • Full Gate Out at Terminal​