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​Where may I purchase CSAV shares?

CSAV shares are only traded in Chilean stock exchanges and can be bought through local stock brokers.

Where is the Annual Report available?

Annual Reports are available through this website. You can find it in 2 sections: 
1.- Home Investor Relations:​ 
2.- Annual Reports:​

When do you publish your financial reports throughout the year?

1st quarter information is published 60 days after March 31.
2nd quarter information is published 75 days after June 30.
3rd quarter information is published 60 days after September 30.
4th quarter information is published 90 days after December 31.

May I receive alerts about updates in the Investor Relations page?

Yes, please provide your mail address in the News and Alerts section to be notified of updates.

How many shares are issued?


Do you publish additional information of the company?

Yes, we publish an Investor Report on a quarterly basis, which can be found in the Investor Relations section.​