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Programa de Eficiência Energética

Programa de Eficiência Energética

We are committed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, which makes the Energy Efficiency a priority matter for the Company. In 2008, the Company began the Energy Efficiency Program which defines concrete measures for reducing the gas emissions by means of reduction on fuel consumption.   These measures include:

  • Definition and control of the optimum speed: A series of measures has been developed for establishing the minimum optimum sailing speeds for the different routes in order to comply with commercial requirements while minimizing fuel consumption and the gas emissions this generates. 

  • Ship’s route assistance: Company provides route and weather assistance to our fleet for trans-oceanic routes, which enable our fleet to sail on shortest route and under the best available weather conditions, thus optimizing fuel consumption as well as reducing our gas emissions.

  • Propeller cleaning program: One of the important factors in a vessel performance and its fuel consumption is her propeller condition. A periodic cleaning program was established, carried out by specialized companies, maintaining the propeller efficiency and assuring suitable fuel consumption with a respective reduction on our gas emissions.

  • Fuel audit program: Company established a permanent ship-audit program in ports, allowing us to have a close control over inventories and real average fleet consumption, which help us to control and reduce the gas emissions.