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  • ¿Cómo posso monitorar a minha carga?
    Use a opção "Track-Cargo" na página inicial em "Online Tools" (Ferramentas on-line). Digite o número do BL ou número do Booking e clique na seta para ver os resultados.
  • Where I can find a description of CSAV services?
    Click on "Service Network" from the navigation menu below Product and Services and next to the service submenu. From that page you will find all CSAV Services.
  • What alternative vessel schedule tools are available online?
    We now offer you 5 alternative ways to find the schedule information you need. Schedules by Geographic Zone: We have improved this tool significantly: simplifying the search process, and making the schedule display itself more user-friendly. All data is displayed on a single screen. Also, we give you the option of printing the schedule directly (via Adobe PDF) or downloading it to your PC as an Excel spreadsheet. Port to Port Schedules: Easily find the schedule you are looking for, just pick the loading and discharge port and we will show you all the vessels which cover that tradelane and the estimated transit times. Vessel Position: Use this tool to check vessel position data: current location together with both historic and projected port rotation. Vessel Position by Port: Pick a port and check which of our vessels are programmed to call there, and when. E-mail Schedules: This tool let you receive automated, personalized Schedules by E-mail directly in your email box.
  • How can I contact someone within CSAV?
    You can find exactly the right contact for your needs by using our Offices Pages. Each country has a contact list with full details. Also you can use the search box (desktop and mobile).
  • Is the CSAV website mobile friendly?
    Yes, it is mobile friendy and can be accesible from Blackberries, Iphones, Ipads and Android Phones. The url is http://mobile.csav.com
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